Driver & Guest safety is of paramount importance to F1K Indoor Karting and to ensure that we show due diligence and fairness to all we have drawn up a set of guidelines for you to use in helping in determining your ability and suitability to operate our karts safely.

As you the driver are, in most cases, the best judge of your own capabilities we request that you make us aware of any reasons that you know about that could affect your participation on physical, mental or religious grounds. We ask you to be honest, responsible and if you have any questions please consult the track manager on the day or Head Office when booking for further advice before attending the circuit.

Driver Assessment

Our track staff are required to undertake a driver assessment before each race and look at each case independently. If they are of the opinion that your abilities, capabilities or physical condition are below those required and pose a risk you will be advised and would be unable to drive.

Safety Equipment

It is a requirement that your wear the following: 

  • An approved crash helmet (either supplied by F1K or one that meets our safety standards if you’re providing your own. It must have a visor or you must wear suitable goggles)
  • Race suit and Gloves
  • Balaclava or other suitable head covering to be worn under the crash helmet.

Kart Operation

A go kart has three control devices that you need to be able to operate with 100% efficiency:

  • The steering wheel - Requires two handed operation.
  • Accelerator - Requires the right leg to extend and push the pedal.
  • Brake - Requires the left leg to extend and push the pedal fully with sufficient force to stop the kart safely in the event of incident ahead.


Indoor race circuits have a number of characteristics that need to be considered by any visitor or driver in that they can be noisy, can operate in lower light levels and have exhaust fumes present.

Comprehension / Training

All drivers must attend a full safety briefing prior to the commencement of any race event. All drivers must be able to confirm their understanding if asked of the content of the safety briefing, the safety features on track and the warnings lights, flags and marshal instructions. 

In Summary

You must be able to operate the karts controls fully, wear the required clothing and understand the tracks safety features and marshals instructions.

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