General Questions

What are the opening times?

12:00 till 18:00. Other race start times are available by request.

Can I smoke at the circuit?

You are not able to smoke inside, if you wish to smoke you can go outside.

What time do I need to sign in at the track?

Please check your email confirmation as times are different, but in general you need to be at the circuit 30 minutes (45 minutes for Le Mans & Exclusive races) before your race start time. If you are unsure please check with an events coordinator as a safety briefing is mandatory.

What are the cancellation terms and conditions?

F1K operate cancellation policies inline with current UK law.

Can I just arrive and drive?

Yes, Subject to availability, we strongly recommend that you book a time and event to avoid disappointment.

Is there a room that I can use for my party?

Yes, we have rooms that can be hired for parties or corporate events.

Can I have exclusive use of the circuit?

Yes, we offer a range of exclusive race events, either for a group of 10 drivers or as part of one of our corporate packages.

Are you on Facebook and Twitter?

You can find F1K on Facebook by searching for F1Kkarting and our Twitter username is @F1Kkarting.

Can I race my children?

Yes you will be able to race with your children, however there is a maximum of 5 juniors (8-11) racing at one time.

Can I buy more trophies?

Yes, you are able to purchase more trophies, please speak to your Event Coordinator for pricing and availability.

Is there parking at the circuit and how much is it?

We have free parking at all our tracks.

Do you belong to any professional bodies?

Yes, We belong to the National Karting Association (NKA)

Do I get a printout of my lap times?

Yes, you will get a printout of your fastest laps.

Can I take photographs?

Yes, you are able to take photographs.

Do I need a driving license to drive go karts?

No, A driving licence is not required. You will however need to meet all of the requirements i.e. age, weight, height.


What is the minimum age limit to drive the adult karts?

The minimum age a driver can be is 12 years old, they must be 1.5M tall and have a inside leg measurement of 70cm.

What is the minimum age limit to drive the junior karts?

The minimum age a driver can be is 8 years old, they must be 1.3M tall and have a inside leg measurement of 60cm.

What is the maximum height limit?

The maximum height to be able to drive a kart is 1.93m.

What is the maximum weight limit?

19 Stone / 120.65kg.

What shoes do I need to wear?

Soft sole shoes are advisable, Preferably trainers. No open toed sandals or high heals.

What clothing should I wear?

Wear comfortable non restrictive clothing, no open toe shoes.

Can I bring my own helmet, race suit and gloves?

We take safety very seriously here at F1K. You may bring your own helmet as long as it’s full face with either a visor or you wear goggles. Please check with the race director prior to racing to ensure that your own helmet is suitable and safe. All drivers must wear a helmet, race suit and gloves, failure to do so will mean that you are unable to drive.

How old do you need to be to accompany younger drivers?

The minimum age is 18 years old.

Can I drive if I am pregnant?

No, we strongly recommend that you don’t.

I am a wheelchair user can I drive?

The kart operation requires you to be able to depress both the accelerator (right hand leg) and the brake (left hand leg) full with sufficient force to stop the kart safety.

I wear glasses can I race?


Can I drive if I am colour blind?

Yes, we do operate coloured light to run the race, these are Green, Yellow Flashing or Red.

I wear a head garment for religious beliefs, what are your guidelines?

We take safety very seriously, here at F1K. Wearing a crash helmet is mandatory. If you wear a head garment for religious beliefs a private room is available.


I am thinking of having a group booking but need to find out what dates are suitable for my party can I make provisional bookings?

You are able to make one provisional booking at a time, we can hold the space for up to a week for you.

What information do I need to provide when I am booking?

We will require the organisers full name, address, contact telephone number, credit or debit card and email address to send confirmation too.

Why do I need to book?

We strongly advise that you book in advance to guarantee the race format you require. If you haven't booked we cannot guarantee you will be able to race on the day.

Is my booking amendable?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions supplied at the time of booking.


How can I pay for my drive?

We accept the following forms of payment: debit/credit card, BACS/bank transfer, cheque or cash. The only cards we do not accept are American Express and Diners Club.

Cheque payments will need to be received no later than 2 weeks before the event date. If you pay by debit/credit card it will attract a 2% administration charge.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

If booking and exclusive event a deposit is required.

I’ve purchased a voucher through a third party agency, I can't make it and want my money back who do I contact to get it back?

You will need to contact the company that you purchased the vouchers with.

I have an NUS card do I get a discount?

Yes, you are able to get NUS discounts Weekdays before 6 PM

Can I buy vouchers as a gift for someone else?

Gift cards can be purchased from shop.f1k.co.uk. These can either be sent in the post or via email.

Do I need to bring my vouchers to the track?

This is dependent on the voucher supplier but please bring them along, however Groupon vouchers do not need to be presented at the circuit.

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